Precious Metals IRA

A Gold IRA or Silver IRA can help you protect your portfolio against economic volatility and market downturns.

Why choose a Gold IRA?

First and foremost, a Gold IRA is unlike a standard IRA because it enables investors to hold physical gold, silver, and other approved precious metals. Simply stated, it allows account holders to diversify their savings beyond typical IRA assets like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds that have historically been tightly correlated to sentiment on Wall Street. During economic downturns, recessions, inflation shock, or market volatility — precious metals have long maintained their value particularly during some of the most adverse economic events in recent memory. Setting up a Gold IRA not only gives savers, investors and retirees greater control over their asset mix, but it also has some unique tax and estate planning benefits.

Why choose a Silver IRA?

Much like a Gold IRA, a Silver IRA can offer protection against economic volatility and market downturns. Silver has a long history also dating back to antiquity, where it was used in coinage, jewelry, storage vessels, and utensils. As an investment metal, it differs from gold in two critical ways. First, silver is more affordable than gold and secondly, it is an industrial metal with added manufacturing demand particularly for use in solar panels, electric vehicles, renewable energy, contemporary jewelry and medicine.

A Gold IRA Gives You Choices! Decide Which Option Meets Your Personal Needs.

Traditional Gold IRA

A traditional Gold IRA account is directly funded by investors and savers using pre-tax dollars, reducing your tax liability for the year. Once funded, IRA-eligible metals can be acquired. The account value can then grow tax-deferred, until withdrawal.

Roth Gold IRA

A Roth Gold IRA is funded with after-tax dollars. This gold-backed account enjoys tax-free growth, and any withdrawals during retirement remain tax-free.


A SEP Gold IRA caters to self-employed investors and business owners who fund their account with pre-tax dollars. This account has higher contribution limits (based on income) which are tax deductible. The account is backed by solid gold and remains tax deferred until retirement.


A SIMPLE Gold IRA plan is a tax deferred employer retirement plan that allows both employers and employees to contribute. It permits account holders to add physical gold to their asset mix. These accounts are specifically designed for smaller employers with 100 or fewer employees.

Why a Precious Metals IRA Is More Important Now – Than Ever

We know how hard you’ve worked and how long you’ve saved. Eagles Capital takes the security of your savings very seriously. We will help you connect with a trusted custodian to ensure that your assets are held under the protection of an approved gold depository.

The Benefits of Holding Gold in Your IRA

Limited Supply

Gold is a finite commodity and needs to be mined, processed, refined, and minted. There is a limited supply of gold in the world and the ramp up time to explore, mine and produce more can take decades.

Steady Value

Gold's value tends to increase as the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar declines, making it a popular hedge against inflation, reckless spending, debt, deficits, and economic downturns.

Tax Benefits

Traditional Gold IRAs provide tax-deferred growth, while Roth Gold IRAs offer tax-free growth.

Easy Transfer

We make it easy for you to set up a Gold IRA! Our advisors are standing by to help you seamlessly transfer funds from an eligible 401(k) or IRA to a Gold IRA.

How to Open a Gold IRA Account

We’ll Walk you through how to Transfer an Existing IRA Account into physical Gold

A dedicated Eagles Capital Specialist will provide all the necessary assistance for transferring your existing IRA or 401(k), 403(b), 457, or TSP to gold, silver, or other approved precious metals.

We’ll Help you Complete Your Purchase of Gold from Start to Finish

Your Eagles Capital Specialist will help you navigate all the relevant paperwork, and once the purchase is made, your gold will be sent to a depository of your choice.

We’ll Keep you Informed Throughout the Precious Metals Acquisition Process

You may connect with your Eagles Capital Specialist at any point in the process to receive a detailed, up-to-date, and accurate status of your account.

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